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Robotic Surgical Institute Support Men’s Health During Movember

Have you seen the Movember article in this month’s issue of Bella Magazine? Robotic Surgical Institute’s surgeon, Dr. Davinder Sekhon, is featured in the article.

“The Movember movement has definitely started a positive dialogue about men’s health among all age groups,” says Dr. Sekhon.

“It’s a unique way to encourage men to have that somewhat embarrassing conversation about prostate and testicular exams. Let’s face it, men are less likely than women to go to their doctor for routine checkups and preventive screenings. We just want men to be proactive about their health and stay informed. The campaign lends itself to a fun, easy discussion about an important topic,” says Sekhon.

Click on the link below to read about what he has to say about this fun but educational hairy movement!


Robotic Surgical Institute’s Surgeons Dr. Sekhon and Dr. Wolters 

RSI Surgeons Support Movember