Robotic Surgical Institute's Dr. Davinder Sekhon

Robotic Surgery Questions

When researching robotic-assisted surgery, patients often have questions. Our surgeons are here to help answer any robotic surgery questions you may have.

“Patients often think that the robot is performing the surgery, says Robotic Surgical Institute surgeon, Dr. Davinder Sekhon. This is untrue. It’s just another tool that a surgeon uses.” 

The surgeon behind the robot is actually performing the surgery. The movement of the the robotic arms, is controlled solely by the surgeon. Because the surgeon is moving the instruments indirectly through the robot, any slight tremors of the surgeon’s hands are eliminated. In addition, the robotic console set up allows the surgeon to reposition his hands to a more ergonomic position during surgery, therefore, reducing operating-room fatigue. There is also a small video camera inserted into the patients abdomen that displays the details of the robotic-assisted surgery that allows a three-dimensional image that can be magnified up to 12 times. This three-dimensional magnification allows the surgeon to see things more precisely, unlike traditional surgery.

Bottom line, when deciding on treatment and surgery options, patients should focus on the surgeon experience and not the technique. Patients should make informed decisions about all surgery options, says Dr. Davinder Sekhon.”

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