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Read What Our Patients Have To Say – Patient Testimonials

Several of our patients that have undergone robotic-assisted surgery have provided feedback about their experience and outcomes. Read these patients’ testimonials and what they have to say about their recovery.

“To have surgery or not; it’s a daunting decision. Sadly, I didn’t even have a choice in the matter. My prostate  had a nasty cancer and we all knew and agreed, it simply had to go. The one choice I could make was, what kind of surgery was best for me? Which would be best for a complete cure and my short and long term recovery?

I’ve been “under the knife” before and remember well the post-op pain, the long recovery time that comes with the traditional surgery route. That was then, now,  I had the robotic assisted surgery option. With just a little research, I quickly warmed to the idea of robotic surgery. The pros just popped out at me;  less invasive, less pain, less  hospital time – and hopefully, less collateral damage.

My surgery went more than well.  Dr. Brett Parra removed my cancerous prostate in October of 2010. The robotic option allowed me to be back at work within two weeks. Three years later, I’m still cancer free and  enjoying my life today as much, or more so, than I did even before my diagnosis. For this remarkable recovery – I credit Dr. Parra and the amazing robot.”

Jared Willets
Prostatectomy Patient

“I wanted the option with the least risks and the fastest recovery time. I felt that the robotic procedure offered me the least risks and an opportunity to be less invasive than a more radical conventional surgical procedure. I believe in Dr. Wolters; he is truly the only doctor that I feel could have helped me through my situation. Any time the word cancer is part of a diagnosis, it is a life changing moment. Dr. Wolters made a terrifying situation much less emotionally difficult. From my first meeting with him, every appointment has been like sitting down with a friend. He was very clear on the procedures and what to expect. He listened to my questions and answered them on a personal instead of clinical level. Dr. Wolters had a confidence that helped ease my mind. I was more than pleased. I awoke with very little pain and was feeling strong enough to be discharged after major kidney surgery the next day.

His involvement in my recovery has been above and beyond what I could ever imagine. He did more than just a procedure. He made sure that even though my procedure was a serious situation, I would return to a better quality of life than I had before. He truly changed my life.”

Rob Adkins
Partial Nephrectomy Patient
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