Welcome to the Robotic Surgical Institute

Robotic-assisted surgery is changing the way complex and delicate urological surgeries are performed, and Robotic Surgical Institute is leading this change across the Gulf Coast. An exceptional team of surgeons and a comprehensive approach to treatment has made Robotic Surgical Institute the preferred choice for patients and physicians seeking world-class treatment within a day’s drive of many major surrounding cities.

Surgeon experience matters. Robotic surgical machinery is simply stunning in its capabilities – but nothing matters more than the skill and experience of the surgeon operating the equipment. Our team has completed more than 1,000 robotic-assisted surgeries over the last decade for wide-ranging procedures such as kidney reconstruction and prostate cancer treatment. As a division of the acclaimed Woodlands Medical Specialists, Robotic Surgical Institute is able to provide every patient with personalized and coordinated treatment options for all urologic conditions.

Our Robotic-Assisted Specializations

Partial Nephrectomy