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Robotic-Assisted Surgeries



Robotic Surgical Institute
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"Any time the word cancer is part of a diagnosis,
it is a life changing moment. Dr. Wolters made
a terrifying situation much less emotionally difficult.
He truly changed my life."

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Gulf Coast’s Leader in Robotic Surgical Solutions

Robotic-assisted surgery is changing the way complex and delicate urological surgeries are performed. Robotic Surgical Institute is proud to be leading this change across the Gulf Coast. Conveniently located in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, Robotic Surgical Institute offers patients a personalized approach to surgical options for all urological conditions. An exceptional team of surgeons and a comprehensive approach to treatment has made Robotic Surgical Institute the preferred choice for patients and physicians seeking world-class treatment within within driving distance of many major surrounding cities.

Located on the Gulf Coast

  • Experience.

    Our team of surgeons is Robotic Surgical Institute’s most important asset. With nearly ten years’ experience conducting robotic-assisted surgeries, Robotic Surgical Institute is the only center of excellence in the Pensacola area to have a Robotic Fellowship Trained Surgeon. Our surgeons stay at the cutting edge of this field through actively conducting research and attending nationwide training in robotic techniques and developments – equipping them to choose the best treatment option for each individual patient.  A variety of sub specializations ensures that each patient receives the absolute finest care from his or her surgeon – during surgery and follow-up visits.

  • Team Approach.

    Assessing and treating any urological condition requires more than just surgery, which is why patients find Robotic Surgical Institute’s extensive offerings so valuable. As part of Woodlands Medical Specialists, Robotic Surgical Institute has access to onsite oncologists and diagnostic imaging modalities, allowing our surgeons and specialists to provide patients a full continuum of care in a single location. Underscoring our team approach is a culture of excellent communication and trust, both within our medical teams and between our surgeons and patients. This collaborative environment offers quicker diagnostics, comfort and convenience, shorter treatment times and, most importantly, the best possible health outcomes.

  • Treatment Expertise.

    Robotic Surgical Institute provides robotic treatment options for all common urologic conditions. These can include benign kidney disorders, cancer of the bladder, kidney or prostate, and countless other issues affecting health and quality of life. To hear firsthand what our patients are saying about their experiences with robotic-assisted surgery, click here.

  • Optimal Outcomes.

    Robotic-assisted surgery can produce improved post operative outcomes. Patients often experience lower levels of pain, a shorter hospital stay, less blood loss and a faster recovery time, compared with those who have had traditional open surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery allows patients to spend less time recovering from treatment and more time enjoying the results.

What others say about robotic-assisted surgery

My surgery went more than well. Dr. Brett Parra removed my cancerous prostate in October of 2010. The robotic option allowed me to be back at work within two weeks. Three years later, I’m still cancer free and  enjoying my life today as much, or more so, than I did even before my diagnosis. For this remarkable recovery – I credit Dr. Parra and the amazing robot.

Jared WilletsProstatectomy Patient

I believe in Dr. Wolters; he is truly the only doctor that I feel could have helped me through my situation. Any time the word cancer is part of a diagnosis, it is a life changing moment. Dr. Wolters made a terrifying situation much less emotionally difficult. From my first meeting with him, every appointment has been like sitting down with a friend. He was very clear on the procedures and what to expect. He listened to my questions and answered them on a personal instead of clinical level.

He did more than just a procedure. He made sure that even though my procedure was a serious situation, I would return to a better quality of life than I had before. He truly changed my life.

Rob AdkinsPartial Nephrectomy Patient


As a division of Woodlands Medical Specialists, Robotic Surgical Institute was created
with the desire to extend 
the Woodlands mission:

To offer patient-focused care – delivered simply and efficiently.

Our surgeons are physicians at Woodlands Medical Specialists and work in concert
with Woodlands specialists to address every aspect of a patient’s needs –
including education, diagnostics, treatment, and recovery.

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Brett L. Parra

Brett L. Parra

Robotic Surgeon - M.D.
Davinder S. Sekhon

Davinder S. Sekhon

Robotic Surgeon - M.D., M.P.H.
Jeffrey P. Wolters

Jeffrey P. Wolters

Robotic Surgeon - M.D., M.P.H.